Nolte Küchen impresses with a clearly structured line-up

Modern real-wood kitchen, timeless homeliness with high-gloss lacquer or distinctive living space with real cement: all in one price group. Nolte Küchen is making this possible for the first time. Whether stylishly elegant or expressively emotional – this way, any dream kitchen can be planned irrespective of budget. The wider choice means even more individuality. All under the “My Life. My Style. My Kitchen” motto.

For the coming season, too, Nolte Küchen is focusing on homeliness, presenting its innovations in two theme worlds: the new inspiration for kitchens provides options that are sometimes stylishly elegant and sometimes expressively emotional. The part played by the product-range structure in this context is explained by Managing Director Eckhard Wefing: “Nolte Küchen’s product lineup is varied and system-based. A consistent interplay of real material and realistic-looking reproduction at attractive price levels is what defines our concept. We are further extending this structure for 2019 to give our retail partners even greater flexibility in responding to consumer wishes. For more creative freedom in advising customers and planning kitchens.”

Stylishly elegant and easy to combine

The stylishly elegant kitchens leave a harmonious and timeless impression. Featured here in the repertoire are grey tones, black and white, but also classy beige and brown.

Conjuring a vibrant feel, the new TAVOLA line places the emphasis on warm, homely combinations with an oak veneer in two colour options.

Launching VIDA in two grey shades, Nolte Küchen is adding a new material world to its range. The front with a surface finish in textile look is almost entirely made of recycled materials. A promising contribution to protecting the environment which also gives the kitchen planner new selling points.

In the MANHATTAN range, Nolte Küchen has impressively interpreted the trend towards marble: the marble grey decor can be combined in any way and creates a homogeneous overall look.

Expressively emotional through authenticity

Expressively emotional kitchens speak to people who love the exceptional and like to make statements. Full of character, these kitchens exude the rugged charm of the authentic.

Featured among the surface finishes used here is flame scarfed wood. Nolte Küchen complements the popular ART WOOD range with a corresponding decor and also offers matching surrounding elements. Alongside this, the LEGNO real-wood range has also been extended for the coming season. Ever since it was brought out, this range has been synonymous with impressive looks and striking textures. Oak sepia now adds a new veneer which also reflects the character of flame scarfed wood.

Attractive options for surrounding elements too

Adding new options to the surrounding elements, Nolte Küchen is also stepping up the individuality of modern kitchen design. New open shelf units with black glass shelves and optional lighting conjure a homely atmosphere. The offer of being able to plan flush-fitted sinks and hobs in future adds to Nolte Küchen’s competence in materials. Virtually all of Nolte’s standard worktops can be used and no time-consuming cutting work is involved on-site either. This not only makes the kitchens more attractive but also simplifies installation

Source: https://www.nolte-kuechen.com/